New Student and Kindergarten

We are thrilled that you are choosing Davidson School to make your education home! Please start with the REGISTRATION form and make your way through the list of the remaining 6 online forms.
These forms are for Kindergarten students and students new to our school and are required prior to enrollement. 

The other links are for various permission forms required to be completed at the beginning of every year.  All but the Parent Driver Authorization Application must be completed.

If you have question regarding the registration process, please contact the school at (306) 567-3216 or by email at  

Kanga Bags are for Grade 1-4 and Raiderade is optional. 

International Student REGISTRATION

If you are new to Canada, there will be additional documents required for the registration of a student.  Originals of documents required include:
- Student study/visiotr permit or permanent residetncy papers
- Student ID/pasport
- Student birth certificate or proof of leagal guardianshuip
- Student report card from a former school
- Mother/Father/Guardian work/visitor/study permit or Permanent resident papers
Mother/Father/Guardian proof of residency
Mother/Father/Guardian ID/passport